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Moving means more than shipping furniture from A to B.

Our Relocation Services offer a wide range of support for international transfers. They are especially aimed at HR departments to take the weight off their shoulders but also offer enormous relief for all forms of relocation. With us you will always have a reliable person at your side, even after the first settling in is done. 
Taming the paper tiger
Through our long-established relationships with the local immigration authorities, we support to navigate the paper jungle and obtain work and residence permits for employees and their family members. We help
  • collecting documents,
  • fill in forms, and
  • arrange and accompany visits to the authorities.
Settling In
Home away from home
Relocating is a process and after the boxes are unpacked and the movers are gone the next stage awaits: Organizing the daily live!
We help with
  • Registrations with local suppliers for electricity, gas, water, TV, telephone and internet
  • Registration at the municipality
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applications for social insurance and family benefits
  • Finding babysitters, cleaners or gardeners
  • Austrian driver's license
  • House and car insurances
  • Import and registration of cars
  • Finding gyms or sports clubs
Happy children have happy parents!
That’s why we particularly care for the smooth relocation of the youngest to provide them with a surrounding to learn and find new friends.
We help with
  • overview of childcares, kindergartens and schools
  • communication with the schools and arranged visits
  • registration process
  • contacts to music or language teachers and private tutors
  • for furry family members: import and registration of pets
Departure Service
Until we meet again!
Leaving Salzburg again might be hard for you but at least the relocation we can make easy.
  • Cancelling your contracts
  • Support with the return of your rental property
  • Organizing contractors for repairs and cleaners
  • Support with moving companies 
Your household
A tidy house, a tidy mind – ready to face your career challenges
We give support finding
  • Cleaning staff
  • Housekeepers
  • Gardeners
  • Nannies or Au-Pairs
Your pets
We help with words and deeds regarding your pets
  • Import of your pets
  • Registration and chipping of your dog
  • Obtaining the dog license (“Sachkundenachweis”)
  • Veterinaries, clinics and emergency numbers
  • Pet shops and shelters
  • Pet-food shops and delivery-services
  • Dog schools
  • Boarding kennels
Leisure & sports
Movement is what makes a life.
The geographical position of Salzburg offers a variety of leisure activities – summer or winter, outdoor or indoor, gym or golf court, chess or martial arts, book club or dancing class…
  • We assist in finding the right facilities for you andyour family
  • We support you in negotiations and applications
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